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Bartlomé Soccer Academy specializes in all things Soccer! We offer custom tailored 1 on 1 private & small group sessions, Team clinics, Coaches clinics and even grassroots fun-oriented Holiday camps for children of all ages and ability levels.

Our Director and Head Coach, Chad Bartlomé has grown up playing Soccer in the US and has since went on to play professionally in the States and here in Switzerland. Chad has acquired a wide range of experience and knowledge from coaching and training with all sorts of different players from all over the world and our goal at BSA is to share that experience and knowledge with as many passionate players as possible, players just like you! BSA has worked with Professionals, top Amateur and youth talents and even young players just getting started with their Soccer careers.

One of our greatest strengths here at the Academy is the ability to recognize and assess exactly where you are as a player and give you the necessary motivation, tools and instruction to allow you to elevate your game and in turn, reach the goals that you aspire to!


Headshot! Chad grew up in Northern California and has been playing soccer almost all of his life. He started coaching when he was 16 years old, taking over a local youth team as part of a high school project and also running private sessions with some of the young local talent. He worked at an indoor soccer arena all through high school and would referee and play in matches every night. He received a college scholarship to play soccer at Oregon State University where he played four years of Division 1 Soccer…

Playing with FC Basel

Playing with FC Basel

At college, he coached the women’s club team for two seasons. He also coached Summer camps for the University every year, working with hundreds of children each Summer. After College, Chad continued his Soccer career playing professionally and semi-professionally over the last 11 years for teams here in Switzerland and also in the United States… Sacramento Republic, Portland Timbers, FC Wohlen, SR Delémont, BSC Old Boys just to name a few. In fact, it was an invite to tryout with swiss giants FC Basel that originally brought him over to Basel and started his career here in Switzerland.

Scoring goal for SRFC in front of 20,000 fans

Scoring goal for SRFC in front of 20,000 fans

During this 11 year playing career, Chad has won 3 championships and along the way has always continued to coach players of all ages and ability levels. Whether it be in private sessions, small groups, team clinics, camps or in many other forms of training, Chad has been there and done that! He has surrounded himself with Soccer his whole life and has lived out his dream and passion of being a professional soccer player. It never came easy and there was a lot of hard work, setbacks and many obstacles and lessons to learn all along the way. But Chad made it happen. Consequently, Chad has attained a vast knowledge and experience of what it takes to succeed in Soccer.

Timm Klose, Swiss National Team & Norwich City FC

Timm Klose, Swiss National Team & Norwich City FC

His goal is to share this knowledge and experience with as many passionate and determined players as possible and Chad is committed to push those players past the limits of what they can do and to help them achieve their goals and aspirations… whatever they might be.

1 On 1 Private Sessions Icon

1 On 1 Private Sessions

Everyone wants to compete at their best. You play on the best team, have the best gear and even workout in the gym… but so does everyone else! So how do you gain an edge? Just like a tutor in school, the most effective way to improve in sports is working 1 on 1 with a private coach who specializes in individual development. At BSA, we have years of professional playing and coaching experience and know exactly what it takes to elevate your game to the next level.

Because of our wide range of experience and knowledge here at BSA, we are able to, within one session, assess exactly where a player is at and develop & design a training regimen that will bring them exactly where they need to go! These 1.5 hour sessions are focused primarily on player’s technical ability and development, as well as, Soccer specific athleticism, balance, coordination and all other aspects of the game. In addition to these fundamentals of the game, position specific exercises and drills are also performed during these sessions.

Small Group Sessions Icon

Small Group Sessions

Small groups are run very similarly to a private 1 on 1 session and are a great way to get that personalized training session feeling with a group of friends or teammates. They are, of course, by nature a little less personal than a private session, but in turn, they do not give up much customization and are a little easier for parents on the wallet! This also opens up a much wider range of training exercises and drills that are made possible with more players on the pitch. Our BSA coaches love to make these sessions intense and competitive… bringing out the best of all the players!

Large Group Sessions Icon

Large Group Sessions

These courses are specifically for those players who, for whatever reason, do not currently have a team and still want to benefit from the fun and learning experience of Soccer. Or those players who are on a team but need more touches on the ball and a little extra training in their week. We are very inclusive in these courses and try to take as many players as possible. The more the merrier! These courses focus on teaching the players the fundamentals of soccer and developing their technical abilities in a fun, positive and safe environment!

Skill Camps Icon

Skill Camps

Normally, offered as a week-long program during the school holidays, our Skill Camps are designed to be fun but also challenging for all players regardless of age or ability level. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff work with the players intensely every morning specifically on their fundamental technique, athleticism and their overall development as a Soccer player. Then, after a supervised lunch break, we break into match and tournament play where the players have the opportunity to show what they have learned and use their new found skills in a competitive, match-like environment.

Team Clinics Icon

Team Clinics

Let us coach your coaches! This program is offered for clubs and teams who want some guidance on specific aspects of the game. Whether it is technical, tactical or fitness based training exercises and expertise that you are looking for, we are there for you. We will come out to where you train and run your session for you with whatever emphasis you prefer. We will provide you with a printout of the session plans we use and explain to you in detail every progression and coaching point that we use.


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